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Ground rules

You are respectfully requested to observe these basic ground rules when attending any event at the Awares Conference Centre.  These ground rules are designed to help you get the most out each conference and have been written by visitors to the centre.


  • Take time to read the papers and listen to what other people are saying.
  • Respect the views of other people, even if you disagree with them
  • Tell us what you think – your views are as valuable as anyone else’s
  • Express yourself in plain English, avoiding any unnecessary technical terms or jargon
  • Keep your contribution short and to the point
  • Aim to be positive, concentrating on what can be done rather than what can’t

Please do not

  • Be put off by the technology – it’s only a means to an end. Ask us if you have problems - we will always reply
  • Feel you have to say something now – the discussions will stay open after each conference officially closes, so you have time to think about what you want to say
  • Post the same message several times or post it in different discussions
  • Disclose personal information which may leave you vulnerable to abuse
  • Criticise individual organisations or seek to disparage them
  • Use abusive or offensive language
  • Concentrate on past failures – look at positive learning from past experiences and mistakes

Please note that we reserve the right to edit or remove inappropriate messages posted during a conference.

If you wish to comment on these ground rules please contact the Web Team at the Awares, Email:  Tel: + 44 (0) Back to the top

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