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Keynote papers:

The Role of Biomedical Interventions for People with Autism: by Paul Shattock - Autism Research Unit, University of Sunderland, UK

Captured by details: Sense-making, language and communication in autism: by Professor Ina Van Berckelaer-Onnes - University of Leiden

Sensory Issues in Autism Are Recognised ButÖ: by Dr Olga Bogdashina - UK

The Hidden Autism Epidemic: How ADHD Interferes with an Autism Spectrum Diagnosis: by Diane M. Kennedy - USA

Aspergerís Syndrome: A Matter of Attention: by Dr Wendy Lawson - Author, Australia

The Savant Syndrome in Autistic Disorder - An Extraordinary Condition: by Dr Darold Treffert - University of Wisconsin, USA

Can Asperger Syndrome be diagnosed at 24 months old?: by Dr Fiona Scott - University of Cambridge

If we knew what causes autism: why it is important to talk about cognition: by Professor Uta Frith - University of London

A Diversity in services for Diverse Learners: Autism Spectrum Services in the United States.: by Dr Julie Donnelly - USA

Autism and Socialisation: by Carole Rutherford - Autism-in-Mind, UK

Exploring Early Language and Communicative Impairments in ASD: by Professor Helen Tager-Flusberg - University of Massachusetts

Whichever way you look at it, itís still autism. Or is it?: by Larry Arnold - Photographer, UK

Could the mercury-containing vaccine additive thimerosal be fueling an apparent epidemic of autism, ADD, speech delay and other disorders in America?: by David Kirby -

The Epidemiology of Autism Spectrum Disorders: by Dr Eric Fombonne - Montreal Children's Hospital

Collaboration between Parents and Professionals: by Theo Peeters - Centre for Training on Autism

Autism and Law Enforcement: Recognition and Response Tips, Techniques and Safety: by Dennis Debbaudt - Debbaudt Detective Agency, Florida, USA

Early detection of autism: by Dr Rebecca Landa - Kennedy Krieger Institute

Abnormalities of Brain Circuitry (Minicolumns) in Autism: by Dr Manuel Casanova - University of Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Genetics, environment and autism and their interaction: by Dr Karl Reichelt - University of Oslo, Norway

What is there about Asperger syndrome that is curable?: by Professor Digby Tantam - University of Sheffield

Autism As A Fruit Salad: A multidimensional look at Autism Spectrum Conditions: by Donna Williams - Author, Australia

Exploring Feelings: A Cognitive Behaviour Therapy programme to treat anxiety and anger in children with Aspergerís syndrome: by Professor Tony Attwood - Griffith University, Queensland

The hyper-systemising theory of autism: by Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, et al. - University of Cambridge, UK

Choosing an educational approach - factors that should (and factors that do) affect that choice: by Professor Rita Jordan - University of Birmingham, UK

Autism: a Novel Form of Mercury Poisoning: by Sallie Bernard - SafeMinds

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