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Voices from the Spectrum

Learning Styles and ASD


By Wendy Lawson BSS. BSW(Hons) GDip.(psychStud) GDip.(Psych)

As adults with autism spectrum diff-ability (ASD), we experience the world differently from most people who are not on the autistic spectrum.  Our differing experiences potentially cause conflict between us and them. This presentation aims to increase understanding of the typical mind and help us to understand other people who are not autistic. It builds upon the work already outlined by Murray (1992; 2004) and acknowledges autism activist groups (e.g. autistics.org (2006); Frank  Klein, (2003).I remember the daily fear and confusion I lived with during my formative years (and that I still experience, on occasion). Mostly, it was associated with feeling frustrated, angry and let down by others. People said things they didn’t mean; did things they didn’t say; frequently changed their minds (altered apparent conclusions) and broke their promises. A large part of my adult formal education has been devoted to trying to understand ‘why’ people do what they do. This presentation explores the cognitive processes associated with typical thinking and the impact that has upon typical behaviour.

Dr Wendy Lawson
Author, Australia

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Dr Wendy Lawson